Articles & Stories

2017 — Published in D is for Dinosaur, X is for…

2016 — Published in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume VII, Perfect Peace

2016 — Published in C is for Chimera, G is for Gladiator

2015 — Published in B is for Broken, Q is for Quest

2014 — Published in A is for Apocalypse, L is for Leverage

2013 — Published in Metastasis, Missing

2012 — Published in r.kv.r.y., The Hardest Thing

2012 — Published in Liquid Imagination Online, Coming Home

2012 — Published in The Blinking Anthology, Dandelion Shine

2010 — Published in Dark Pages, Surveying the Land

2009 — Published in Fictitious Force #6, Coming Home

2008 — Published in Shine! online Journal, Premonition

2008 — Published in Every Day Fiction, Zalophus Philosophy

2008 — Published in Clockwise Cat, Captivated

2008 — Published in Lost Innocence: A Niteblade Anthology, What We Give

2008 — Published in Long Story Short, The Hardest Thing

2008 — Published in Niteblade Magazine, What We Give

2007 — Published in Shine! online Journal, Devotion

2004 — Published in Pop City 1, Cemetery Culture

2004 — Published in the September-October issue of Westword Magazine (the Writer’s Guild of Alberta Newsletter), Strawberry Creek Retreat

2003 — Published in Media Magazine, Weblogs: The Newest Revolution in Online Journalism

2002 — Edited content for the April issue of mediamag e-zine

2002 — Awarded one of four Grant MacEwan Young Writer’s Scholarship for the piece How the Tricksters Shaped the World, a multi-cultural folktale


2017 — Shortlisted for the 2016 3-Day Novel Contest

2007 — Speaker: Get Publishing Conference, New Media Panel: Beyond the Page


Member: The Writers Guild of Alberta (WGA Web site)

Member: Society for Technical Communication (STC Web site)