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A birdhouse I found while walking along the fence at Strawberry Creek.

An image combination from a picture I took of the door at Strawberry Creek, and of an interpreter at Fort Edmonton Park.

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Little White Flower

I wandered in the brush for a little while when I was out at Strawberry Creek. This is one of the flowers that caught my eye long enough to take a picture of it.

Another Strawberry Creek Lodge photo. The inuksuk stand at the top of the path which leads down to the creek.

Photo Meme

Photo Meme

midnyteabbadon put up a meme: ‘Google an image of where you want to be right now.’

Since it’s almost June and where I want to be right now is Strawberry Creek Lodge for the writing retreat, that’s what I put in.

I find it highly amusing that one of the results on the first page is my own picture, from my Flickr feed.