NaNo Excerpt Blog Chain 2013: Week Five

Week Five Excerpts

orion_mk3 | AshleyEpidemicamaliegreen | RhondaParrish | sunflowerrei

Burnside smiled at Lorne. “I think you do.” Before he could answer, she nodded her head, and Sean saw his aura change. The silver gathered in the centre of his chest, as a red light built in hers. The two shot together, twining into a single string that looked like yarn. The moment the connection was complete, the silver turned red as well, and Lorne went limp, his aura dimming.

“No,” Sean said, as he tried to keep him from hitting the ground, but he couldn’t hold him up. “Stop this, are you insane?”

“It’d be easier, wouldn’t it,” she said, and shook her head. “If all the people whose priorities didn’t match your own were simply crazy, but they’re not.”

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