W1S1 2012, NaNo Draft, and a Merit Badge

I didn’t do my W1S1 update at the end of November, because I’d spent most of my time on NaNo. Then in December, I spent it on other things (holidays are inherently distracting), or on trying to sort through the manuscript as it sat after Camp NaNo and NaNo. There doesn’t seem to be much point in putting up a pretty graphic, given how little progress I made on the short story revisions.

I’d made up my mind not to do W1S1 this year, but then I got an invite to the new Google+ community and accepted, so on that I’m easy to sway, apparently. I expect to follow along quietly, though, as I’m not exactly going to be following the rules. I want to get through my revisions at this point more than I want to be adding to the to-do list. We’ll see how that goes for the next few months :)

Other than that, I will continue to sort through the NaNo draft, and figure out which parts of this story I’m keeping. I’ve been telling people it will be interesting to see what the word count is once I’m done hacking out all the things I changed my mind on.

While I don’t talk about it much here, I have a novel draft that I keep going back to, yet never finishing. It’s been rewritten at least four times; characters have been added, deleted, renamed, merged, split; the setting has been changed; and the world revised and sharpened.

And it’s still not right.

I expect this will be the story that sits at the back of my mind until I figure out how I really want to tell it, but for now I’ve decided to let it rest. I’ve learned a lot from working on it, but I think it’s time it earned me my Drawer Novel merit badge.

Drawer Novel Merit Badge

I’ve made this decision before, and then pulled it out only a few months later. This time I’m putting at least a year ban on it. We’ll see if I can stick to that for a change :)

Merit Badges: Finished First Draft and NaNoWriMo


I realized that I’ve done NaNo since discovering the Merit Badger, but forgot to claim that badge, so I’m grabbing it now :)

On top of that, however, I’ve finished the first draft of this novel. For camp this year, I was a rebel, as I wasn’t doing a brand new idea. In fact, this idea was also the one I used for my very first NaNoWriMo in 2005.

All that survive from the first attempt were two plot points, and the two characters most closely tied to them. I have changed the location, dropped characters, merged characters, added scenes, and stripped them out. It’s been an interesting experience as far as editing and plotting goes, and in understanding my own approach to the process. In some ways, my stubborn nature is a detriment, especially when it comes to hanging onto pieces that need to go.

But this time I’ve cleared those out and I have a story that works. The pieces are there, and now I can work on moving them around and polishing them up. It’s nice to be able to say I’m done my final first draft for this piece :)