Me Jar #1

Me Jar #1

Some months ago, I began to find myself unmotivated. I was still using Habitica (and still do), but I was high enough level that getting through what I need in a day didn’t seem to make much of a difference. To help get me through that, I decided some tracking method in the real world would be useful. So I put together my “Me Jar”.


Each colour of glass gem is a different task I needed to accomplish in a day: writing, exercise, chores, getting up and going to bed on time, and so on. I kept the jar going until I ran out of one of the colours.


It worked well, so I’ve rebooted it, with slightly different gem colours. When I was counting, these ones were a little hard to tell apart 🙂

Also, bonus picture, because my cat of course “helped” me take the photos by stealing gems.


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