Zombies, Run! S2:M39 – S3:M3

Zombies, Run! S2:M39 – S3:M3

I’ve been increasing the distence I walk, and it occurred to me that if I upped my 5K to about 7K then I could get through two missions on one trip. On a Sunday I try to get up to 10K, which means three. I’ll probably have to slow down soon, though, or I’ll catch up to the current releases. My last few attempts at Radio Mode have been frustrating. I’ll get a story segment on the first break, but then nothing. I’m hoping that’s because I’m reaching the end of Season Two, and Season Three will correct it, but I only had time for one radio mode session today anyway.

Season Two Missions:

Season Two Side Quests:

Season Three Missions:

Supply Runs, Radio Mode:


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