Progress Update

Progress Update

Once again, I haven’t kept up with my exercise log. Alas.

After I moved last June, I fell out of my routines over the next few months (and also fell in love with food trucks last summer). I lost some ground, both in weight and fitness. I’m almost back to where I was last year, though as far as exercise goes, I’ve somewhat lost my interest in running.

Part of that, I think, is that I’m behind on the Zombies, Run! story. Season Two is now done, and they’re part of the way through Season Three. I’d restarted the Zombies %K program to regain ground, but it meant I was falling behind on the story I really wanted to follow. I’m farther along in the story than I was the last time I posted (oh so long ago), but there have been changes to the Zombielink site, and I’m not entirely sure how to get the links to anything other than the most recent walk now. If I figure it out I’ll post them. I’ll try to run again later, as it’s still something I want to do, but it’ll probably take getting through the current story.

Anyway, in addition that, I’ve become a fan of WWE (the last time I watched it I was a child), and one of the wrestlers I like is John Cena. He recently came out with a fitness and nutrition program called 10 Weeks Body Change, so I signed up for that. It’s what got me moving again after so much time slacking off. It was fun to have a program where I got new exercise videos every week.
I’m not cooking as much as I should be, so I’ll have to work on that one, still. I haven’t quite figured out how to work that into my schedule through. Also, I still don’t like cooking, so figuring it out isn’t exactly my priority 🙂

I’m into the Next program extension, which doesn’t give new workouts as frequent, but I’m still enjoying it. It also gives new recipes, so there’s continuing motivation to overcome my cooking apathy.

We’ll see.

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