NaNo Excerpt Blog Chain 2013: Week Three

NaNo Excerpt Blog Chain 2013: Week Three

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Week Three Excerpts

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“You shouldn’t do that.”

Jonathon spun around at the sound, and discovered he was no longer alone. Standing an arms length away, her head tilted  at a full right angle, was a beat-up Raggedy Anne doll. Her red yarn hair was pulled back into pig tails, but stained with black ink. The stitching that should have made her face was removed, leaving pinprick marks that have been covered over with shaky felt pen. Her dress was frayed and there were holes in the white apron. Only her shoes were intact, but the leather seemed weighted, dragging as she took a step forward.

“Toys belong in the toy box.”

“Is that what’s in here? A toy?”

The doll nodded, her head lobbing forward right to her chest and then all the way to her back. Jonathon shuddered as she took another slow step forward, but kept his hand on the unlocked lid. “I was told Tessy was in here.” It wasn’t exactly a lie. After all, the box was the only place in the mindscape where she could be.

“Tessy toy,” she said it in a sing song voice that should not have been nearly as creepy as it was.

“Tessy is a person.”

She tilted her head again. “What’s a person?”

“I’m a person.”

“You’re a toy.” She pointed her cloth hand at him, and he began to feel stiff. When he looked at the hand on the lid of the box, his skin shone like plastic in the light.

“Are you going to put me in the box?”

“That’s Tessy’s box. Not where you belong.” She took another step. “You don’t belong here. Did someone leave you behind?”

“No. What about you? Were you left behind?”

The doll stopped and dropped forward at the waist.

“Do you have a box of your own?”

“My box is gone,” she whispered. “It got taken away.”

“Who took it?”

She jerked back up right and held her hands up between them. “No, no, no. Don’t want them to hear you.”

“Who’s listening?”

She just waved her hands.

“Is it Lorne?”

The doll stopped and lowered her hands. “Do you know him?”

“He’s my brother.”

She raised her hands up to to where her mouth should have been. “Oh no.”

That didn’t sound good. “Did he take your box away?”

“We’re not supposed to play with you.” She took another step forward. “But I’m not supposed to put you in a box.”

Damn it. He wanted more answers, but he had the sense he was out of time.

“Sorry,” she said. “Maybe you can find your box another time.”

“I really don’t want a box,” Jonathon answered. “I don’t think Tessy wanted one either.” His elbows and fingers didn’t want to bend, but at last his arm still moved enough that the grip he already had on the lid let him push it up.

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