Zombies, Run! S1:M2 – M9

Zombies, Run! S1:M2 – M9

I am bad at remembering to update. Fortunately, I’m better at remembering to run 🙂

Updates since last time:

A Voice in the Dark is my favourite mission of Season One. That’s part of why I ran even though I was sick today, and entirely why I kept running half a lap longer than I usually do, just so I could run through the gates at the end 🙂

Season Two released recently, which means the app updated and has a few launch bugs, but they’re not too bad. It’s got a lot of features I love, including downloading specific missions so it doesn’t take up so much space on my phone.

They overhauled the base system, too. I love the new base building, but I don’t like that we appear to have lost all gathering credit for the first season. I’m holding out hope that it’s related to the bug keeping our missions from being marked as completed, but I kinda think they’re just gone.

Which is makes my plan to keep running through Season One problematic. While you still gather random objects on the run, they count as Supplies. You also need Materials, which are related to story progress. You get three materials on the first run through a story mission, and then decreased (apparently by one)  each time you run the mission.

I haven’t received any materials for the missions I’m re-running at the moment. This is my third time through these ones (I’d started over on the bike before I started Z5K and finished up to mission 13), so I’d expect to get at least one, but not so far. I have a few more missions before I catch up to where I was on my last restart, which means I’ll be down to a second time through for the rest. Hopefully I’ll start getting materials then, because without them my base is kinda stuck.

It might possibly drive me nuts 😛

Update: Poked around their twitter feed. Looks like you get no materials for season one at the moment. So… yeah, crazy making.

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