Zombies 5K: Week 1-1

Zombies 5K: Week 1-1

So, after stumbling on my daily attempts to do Tacfit, you may have noticed it kinda disappeared. Thus is my relationship to workouts šŸ˜›

Anyway, when I started that, I put off a different workout I wanted to do, which isn’t really training, just plain exercise, but that still falls under health and good things, so I’m posting it.

I think I mentioned Zombies, Run! back when I started playing it using my recumbent bike. Last year, the came out with their own version of a 0 to 5K running program, which I bought but didn’t start using. I finally got around to joining our local rec centre so I could use the track, and I started it today.

The start is mostly walking, with some 15 sec running spurts in the middle, and a free run at the end that I walked for. I was already tired, and my feet were killing me, because my shoes are really beat up. The inside lining is also worn away, which isn’t something that bothers me when I wear them for a day, but which wore away the back of my heel during the run today.

So, new shoes are in order, because I really don’t want that to be the reason I stumble in my first week on this one >_<

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