Tacfit Commando: Day Eleven

Tacfit Commando: Day Eleven

High Intensity day. Yes, I know it’s two in the morning, but it still counts. That’s just the way my weekends go 🙂

Anyway, I had planned to do this at a more reasonable time, but I was playing SWTOR, and I grouped with someone, and then we decided to wait for his friend, who was a lot farther behind us than I thought, and kept dc-ing, and then… it was one in the morning.


Anyway, sit through knees continue to elude me, but I managed to get better form on a lot of the others. I’m still doing something that pulls my legs early on, though. Maybe the butchered sit throughs. Oh well. Wasn’t quite as bad tonight, so overall an improvement.

RPE: 8

RPD: 6

RPT: 4

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