Tacfit Commando: Day Three

Tacfit Commando: Day Three

My first Moderate Intensity day.

Good news: I have room for improvement!

Bad news: High Intensity might just kill me.

I think I’m doing it wrong 😛

Anyway, dad mentioned this, but I should not take “follow along” literally on these days, and certainly not before I know what I’m doing, because he goes a lot faster than I can. I think I pushed two hard on the first two, which left me pretty wrecked for the rest. My highest accomplishment was not just sitting out the entire last exercise. Yes, that’s how low my bar was 😀

It did remind me that I have numbers I should be assigning to these workouts, though. So I’m going to start posting them every day (and go back and edit them into the first two).

RPE: 8

RPD: 8

RPT: 1

Yeah, I got work to do.

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