Tacfit Commando: Day One

Tacfit Commando: Day One

I recently picked up Tacfit Commando, so I’m going to be working on that for a couple of months (at least). Downside is that I’d wanted to start the Zombies, Run! 5K program, but I don’t think I can do both at the same time on my first pass through. Oh well 😛

I’ve decided that I do better when I can for high intensity workouts to be on a day of the week that works with my schedule, so I’ve decided to start with the 7-Day Wave schedule, rather than the 4-Day Wave. Since I want my High Intensity day to be Saturdays, it worked out perfectly, given I wanted to start today, and that puts Wednesdays as a No Intensity day. I’m starting in the middle of the wave, but whatever 🙂

I’m going to have trouble with the form on some of these — Tea Ceremony looks cool when someone else does it, and baffling when I try to do it — but it went well given I’ve been slacking off of any sort of exercise for about two months. (I really should not stop my regular routine for NaNoWriMo, it all goes out the window :P)

As a plus, I’ve spent more time than is currently typical in front of the computer over my holidays (dropped into SWTOR for a while), and I was getting pretty stiff. This should take care of that no problem!

RPE: 6

RPD: 6

RPT: 3

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