No Plot? No Problem!/Pre-November Plot Planning Party,

No Plot? No Problem!/Pre-November Plot Planning Party,

The EdMoWriMos are holding a NaNoWriMo introduction and Plot-Planning party at the Idylwylde library on October 13. I won’t make it, but it sounds like it’ll be fun ^_^

When: Saturday, October 13th, 2:30-5:00 pm

Where: EPL – Idylwylde Branch 8310 88 Avenue – Program Room (

RSVP: On this thread at the NaNo boards.

Who: Anyone participating in NaNoWriMo, and anyone thinking about doing so! This is your chance to convince that friend who’s always on the fence, your hesitant spouse, or your coworker who keeps muttering about writing a novel some day.

What: We’ll cover the basics of NaNo for new Wrimos. You’ll hear how other people prepare for and work during NaNoWriMo, some tools for the job, and the resources that EPL has to offer. Speechifying will be followed by the Pre-November Plot-Planning Party where you’ll have a chance to brainstorm with help from friendly fellow Edmowrimos and maybe win a helpful door prize!

Why: Because there’s nothing like a little pre-November plot planning to get you in the mood for NaNo! Bring a pen and paper or your preferred outlining and planning tools, and come on down for a few hours to give your novel a kick-start!

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