Merit Badge: Gibberish

I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, and have plans to participate in the August one as well. When I get this close to the end, I tend to hit a “whatever gets the words in” point that promises lots of editing in my future. I think that alone could earn me the Gibberish Merit Badge.

Merit Badge: Gibberish

However, this month I’ve been writing using my Echo Pen as well as the computer. While I prefer to go over what’s transcribe from the pen right away, this time I’ve been leaving those sections as they are for the most part. It’s going to lead to even more interesting editing than usual.

I shared these with Rhonda earlier in the month, when I was going over the first sections. They’re a pretty decent example of some of the odd turns of phrase I’ll have to sort out:

  • it would pass for the solutes said to live in the North
  • slurping at the sunhats of a slain deer
  • Ellison chew an arrow and mocked his bow.
  • swelling the loaves
  • the sounds inhaled through his bones
  • The boardroom’s body squelched
  • a body that was ‘sdiswdeoyatmg as they watched.

The last one is my favourite 🙂

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