Yeah, So…

Yeah, So…

No updates lately, because I’ve had nothing much to say *lol*

I’m still putting NaNo ahead of the workouts, which means nothing much on this front. I’ve still been doing hit the mitts, but that’s about all.

I have learned that “locked” doesn’t seem to mean the same thing as any other game I’ve played, though. Despite being told you’ll open higher levels by playing others (which is how it usually works), it’s possible to play a locked level. After completing it, it unlocks. Which kind of makes the lock pointless. I don’t get it.

Anyway, I have “unlocked” the rest of the medium routines in this way, and will see if I can get at the hard ones when I get bored.

I have some time off this week, though, so I hope to have enough time to get in a real workout again. I’ve also picked up another Kinect game (Rise of Nightmares), which I’ve been looking forward to. That won’t be the same kind of workout, but at least it will get me moving for a little while.

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