And Another One Down

And Another One Down

I finished the 30-Day Strength program, yay! It ended with some of the exercises I just cannot get to work, though. I’m trying to keep a list of those, so I know what ones I still have to figure out.

  • Sprawls
  • Front Speed Hurdle Hops
  • Side to Side Hurdle Hops
  • Bicycle Crunches

Sprawls lose me at some point, no matter where I put the sensor, both types of hurdle hops work part of the time and then stop about half-way through, and the bicycle crunches only respond to some of the movements.

The hops I think is probably something changing in how I’m doing them, probably getting tired and sloppy 😉 But I can’t really tell, as jumping is not one of my strong skills. I may have to use a custom routine to troubleshoot or something. The crunches are probably a form things, too, since it only seems to be responding to one motion by one leg, when there’s two different types of arrows. I did spend one night slowing that one down to try and figure it out, but not luck yet.

I’m considering moving furniture again 😛 I might be able to arrange things so I don’t have to move the sensor, but it might mean keeping my desk/table clear, as I’ll have to fold one of the flaps down. That annoyance might be worth skipping the sensor annoyance, though.

The other thing I’m toying with is adding another exercise routine. I don’t get winded quite as easy, but that’s about the only result I’ve seen. I don’t have a lot of time, though, which means the program routine is all I’m doing. That’s probably not enough to see significant change.

My problem is that the only time I can think of to add requires waking up early. I suspect my father is either scoffing or laughing, and rightful so 😉 Getting up early is not likely; saying I’m not a morning person is understating by quite a bit. I’m going to think about that so more.

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