Build Strength, Week One

Build Strength, Week One

This week has kinda blurred together for me 🙂

Anyway, I did manage to get my workouts in every day, yay!  For the most part, these are routines that I saw during the Build Endurance program, but I think I’m into ones now that didn’t show up in the other program until the middle. I think I’ve also done all the easy hit the mitts routines now, so the next one I get should be a medium level. If I remember right, I’ve opened the first two medium ones, so I should get a new one soon.

That’ll be fun, since I’ve turned off the tutorials, and won’t know what the new stuff is if they add something that wasn’t included in any of the easy ones.

I’ve also finally told the game that I’m using hand weights on some exercises. I didn’t turn that setting on earlier, because I didn’t want to have to deal with them on other ones. Turns out I can still decide not to use weight on all exercises, which is nice. But I have to tell it what weight I’m using every freaking time, which is not so much. I understand why, since I have switched up on a few and did that in the middle of a routine once, but given I’m pretty much repeating sets, I’d like the ability to set it once for the whole night, at least.

There’s already a lot of tedious confirmation already (yes, I am on the ground for push-ups, yes I am standing now they’re over, yes I’m still here even though I had to move the damn sensor to get this one exercise to work) so adding more really wasn’t needed.

But, still doing good, and being able to move up a weight set felt good, even though they’re still really small weights.


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