Merit Badge: Writing Everyday

Merit Badge: Writing Everyday

Writing Every Day

The first time period I set for my BiCHoK goal was thirty days. I’ve hit the first thirty and have been successful so far. I’ve also discovered that I’m less likely to blow off a day if I’ve given myself permission to do so. I’m not sure how that particular personality quirk works, but oh well.

That means I haven’t tracked obstacles much, though it is harder for me to write on Wednesday nights due to other commitments. My word count is also increasing, and I think I might have to start writing at various times during the day. At the moment, I am writing right before bed, which is my favourite time, but meeting my goal means I’m tempted to stay up far too late. Since I’m a night owl by nature, I don’t notice that’s a bad plan until I have to wake up. If I could get at least half done earlier, that wouldn’t be such a tempting prospect.

I’ve reset my counter and started another thirty days. Whoot!

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