30 Day Endurance, Week Three

30 Day Endurance, Week Three

This was a better week. Although after then end of last week, that wouldn’t be hard 😛

I left the sensor in its new position, which seems to have helped on some of the exercises. I finally have a successful count on leg wipers, yay! I’ve also changed what I wear during the workout. I have a very light carpet, and was wearing very light pants. A comment on the forums seemed to indicate that contrast might help the sensor. We’ll see when I get to next Thursday and have pretty much a longer version of last Saturday’s routine.

Unfortunately, it’s stated losing me on both types of push ups. Since those rank high on my list of least favourite exercises, it’s annoying. I need to look into what actually causes that error.

But, I came back on Monday even after getting so pissed off. I also got in late on Friday, and still did my workout. I did the one tonight, too, even though I felt like crap (at least it was a short one), so I’m feeling pretty good about my determination this week 🙂

As a fun note to end the week on: I was given my first “medium” level hit the mitts routine. It’s pretty much like the easy level three (I think), but when I finished I got my first silver medal, whoot! Up until now all I’ve been getting are bronze, and I expected that to continue until I managed to run the fitness test and get a higher result.

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