30 Day Endurance, Week One

30 Day Endurance, Week One

I have completed my first week on the 30 Day program, yay! I’d have to look back, but I think my drop-out point is typically two weeks in. That means I still can’t say for certain, but so far this seems to be a routine that works for me. Even when I’m swearing at the sensor on one exercise, I’m having fun with the next. I’m also frequently surprised when the cool down starts, which means I’m not paying attention to how far into the workout I am. That’s a new one for me 🙂

It turns out I get two days off of the program per week (Mondays and Thursdays). Since I was really stiff on Monday, I decided to rotate Intu-Flow in on those days. I felt a lot better on Tuesday. Still, I logged into the game to do speed bag (because I don’t get it) and hit the mitts (because I love it), so I got my Gym Rat achievement for working out every day for a week after all.

The sensor is an irritation, but no longer enough of one to want to shut the game off in frustration. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if it’s not so much the sensor, but limited instructions. The trainers give you a lot of information about how to do the move, and they demonstrate, but the game doesn’t give quite as much for where it needs you to be and whether you’re doing it right.

I got an F on the leg wipes exercise tonight, because I couldn’t figure out how high or how far to hit on the right side. Since it was the first time doing the exercise, an indication of what I was doing wrong, rather than the complete lack of response until OOPS TOO LATE noise and error going red would be nice.

That error indication is also used sometimes when I still get credit for the rep on other exercises. I’m still not sure what I’m doing wrong there. I think I might be starting the movement before the game wants me to, but I could just as well be off line or something. Knowing something is wrong, but not knowing what is really frustrating.

It’s that sort of confusing that is tripping me up on speed bag. Since that’s an activity, it doesn’t have the trainer’s tutorial at the start. Instead you get a voice over that tells you to start slow and pick up speed. There are a lot of elements on the screen that should be giving you the information you need to do the activity right, but many of them aren’t providing useful information.

For example, when the game tells you to start, it gives you two arrows side by side. Based on the rest of the game, this would mean hitting with both hands at the same time. That seemed like an awkward movement, so I’ve been alternating hands. Given I’m having trouble, maybe I’ll go back to trying both 😛

There’s also a white POW flash when you strike. I thought this was a sign of a hit, however, you can get the flash without the bag moving at all, and I discovered on one nice streak that you can have the bag move perfectly without a single flash. My current guess it that it’s a hit, but not in the right place.

At certain points, I think based on time, a curved arrow appears. I’ve been using a hook at those points, but again, that’s just a guess. Sometimes nothing happens, but I could be missing. Since I was doing the elbow strikes exercises tonight, which have a curved arrow indicator, I tried that with no luck, but again I could have missed. Anyway, this leads to the bag going on a nice swing and then slowing to stop. If you still have time, the two arrows appear again. It doesn’t seem like hits on the bag register in this pause.

But the voice over will tell you you’re going too slow during the pause. The voice over is freaking annoying and I wish there was a way to turn her off. The speed indicator seems to work well, as far as I can tell, but since my speed seems to have a very limited effect on the grade I get at the end. I’ve scored everything from D to B, and a couple of the Ds were when I managed to keep the pace in a good spot the whole way through.

So, I love the workouts, but the mechanics are going to be irritating until I can manage to figure the exercises and activities out on my own.

Fortunately, there’s enough that I enjoy that they only annoy me for a little, and then it all moves on 🙂

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