On the Web: Extra Credits

On the Web: Extra Credits

I’ve been following a number of shows on the Escapist for a while now, but I don’t think I’ve linked to any of them here before.

The newest show on my “must-see” roster is Extra Credits. I came to this one late.  I think it started during a brieft period where I wasn’t checking in on the shows. In January I clicked on their Piracy episode, since it was a topic being discussed in writing circles, and I wanted to listen to the video game take. After I watched it, I watched every episode they’d already posted.

Their latest episode at this moment is an excellent open letter to EA Marketing, but I’m going to embed one of my favourite episodes so far: Choice and Conflict.

Extra Credits: Choice and Conflict (Provided by the Escapist , managed get into the post thanks to Vodpod).

I love this episode. It’s well written, the visuals are fun, and it’s got some great delivery (“Burning”, “Calculation: Logical”). It also includes a WoW example, which never hurts things for me 🙂

One of the points in this episode that caught my attention as a writer is the distinction between choice and decision, and how it relates to conflict. It has made me look at the situations and conflicts in the work that I’m doing, and to ask myself not only if the decisions they’re making are choices or calculations, but also if all their objectives are set up in a linear path to the end goal.

They cover some interesting stuff in this series; it’s worth checking out.

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