Day Twenty-six End Count

Day Twenty-six End Count

Whoot! Made it ^_^

I’ve decided that this is where I’ll stop my NaNo this year. I’ve been stretching my current project a little, and now that I’ve hit the goal that seems a waste of time. Plus, the site is doing this fun thing where it keeps stripping my “winner” bar when I update my word count, which means I have to validate twice and get the winner page every night. It’s getting a little frustrating 😛

I’ll go back to working on my WIP, with the intention of maintaining an output or time requirement. I’d take a few days off (and play WoW!), but I know that if I give myself any leeway, it’ll be a lot harder to come back to the schedule.

But I’ll stop posting daily word counts now 🙂 I think I might put a widget on my page, though. There’s something about the nightly check in that seems to work for me. I’ll see.

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