Well, There Went That Plan

Well, There Went That Plan

So, I didn’t wind up doing Intu-Flow or Yoga today. Largely because at about the time I had planned to do so, my string of early mornings caught up with me and I fell asleep on my couch 😛

When I woke up, my back felt fine, so I thought I’d be good, until I started jumping. I think I need to find something to replace most of the cardio exercises, for at least until I can stretch out or otherwise recover from whatever got tweaked. Replacing them is better than not doing them, which is where I finally landed today. I got through about haf each circuit, and that was it. But I did an extra punches round at the end.

Off Game: 30 Day Shred, Level 1

I think my Balance Board mis-weighed in my favour today. Which is kinda nice, because there’s a drop on the graph, but I expect it to go back up tomorrow 😛

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