Long Day is Long

Long Day is Long

Today felt like a Monday, even though it was a Friday, and pretty much sucked top to bottom.

Anyway, it’s over *lol* I didn’t feel like doing exercise that looked like exercise, so I played the games rather than doing a routine. I did do a longer track in Cycling, which involved keeping my weight forward to go off hills, and made by back stiff. I did a round of Super Hula Hoops to help with that and feels better. I also learned what cliffs look like on the bike mini-map, unfortunately after I rode over one to my virtual death 😛

I ended with Rhythm Parade, which I am oddly fond of, given it involves marching. I tried the Advanced version, and discovered just how dependant I am on the whistle keeping pace, because they take it away from you half-way through. But I didn’t do too terrible, and I didn’t end the parade alone *lol*

Wii Fit Time: 35 mins
Games: Training Plus, Aerobics

I spent a lot of this afternoon investigating computer display issues. Tomorrow I’m going to try and take my graphics card out, and see if cleaning it solves the problems. (In a side-note, a friend of mine suggested this about a month ago. I misunderstood what he meant needed to be cleaned, unfortunately.)

I’m a little worried about that. The plugs didn’t seem like they’d detach easily, and I have a history of breaking things like that 😛 I’m going to have to be careful, and see if it’s a little more self apparent once I take the screws out *crosses fingers*

I also hope this works. If it doesn’t, I’m looking at having to replace the graphics card, and finding something compatible. Dell’s suggestions were different looking cards that what I’ve got, and a different manufacturer than I’m used to. It might be worth taking it in somewhere to get the cards replace, but that’s an entirely different level of tediousness, as the computer case is too freaking huge.

But, we have family visiting in town, so I should get to see them this weekend, which will be a good thing 🙂

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