Two Times

Two Times

I woke up stiff today, not really a surprise, and since I didn’t need to be anywhere right away, I went through the yoga exercises. I tried the Create Routine, which is nice because I don’t have to pause in between each exercise and select the new one. It looks like it only holds one, though, so unless there’s a hidden option to save more, I’m not sure I’ll actually use it to store a routine. More likely I’ll just pick what I want to do that day. Unfortunately, the only options are the Yoga and Strength exercises, rather than the games, so I’ll have to add those in or do the ones picked out for My Wii Fit Plus.

Later on tonight I decided to try one of the default routines, and then I played a couple of the game. I saw Rhythm Kung Fu on the list last night after I was finished, so I had to try that 😀 I may need to count for myself to find the rhythm, though *lol*

Wii Fit Time: 50 mins
Games: Yoga, Health, Training Plus

I also hit my very conservative BMI goal. It’s nice to see the screen give a celebration, but when my daily body tests have shown my BMI fluctuating my more than my goal each day, it’s hard not to be skeptical 😛

Still, I put in a new one and decided not to have popcorn (made on the stove, with lots of oil and salt XD), so I’ll still take it as a plus.

Oh, and my computer is now working. I had to re-do the upgrade this morning. Last night’s failed, and my guess is that it was the lack of the video card drivers. So far things seem to be working out much better *knocks on wood*

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