Tense? You Don’t Say

Tense? You Don’t Say

So, at about 2:30 this afternoon I turned on my computer and waited for it to start up. At about 9:30, I was able to do so without entering Safe Mode.

Oddly enough, the time in between was not how I had planned to spend my day.

Anyway, in order to get it to start normally, I had to uninstall my video drivers. Prior to figuring this out, I went and bought an upgrade to Windows 7, thinking it was an OS issue. While I was there, I also bought a copy of Wii Fit Plus, which is apparently the new version included with the Balance Board now.

It has some interesting additions, including the ability to create routines rather than picking the games one at a time. Since I decided to still upgrade my OS, I put in an almost 50 minute routine, which was probably a little too ambitions, since I’d done Intu-Flow through the first half of the upgrade, since I was annoyed.

Off Game: Intu-Flow Beginner

Wii Sports: 27 min
Games: Bowling, Golf

Wii Fit Time: 49 mins
Games: Mixed Routine (Form, Health, Lifestyle, Youth)

I also added a Mii for my cat, and tormented her by dragging her out to the living room to be weighed 😀

Anyway, my computer appears to have finished the upgrade, but is currently sitting on a blank screen with a cursor, and somewhere in between playing the Intu-Flow disc and finishing the Wii Fit routine, my DVD player has decided it just doesn’t want to read anything anymore.

If I wasn’t so dependant on technology, I would take a sledgehammer to the lot of them.

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