Are There Rules About That?

Are There Rules About That?

Today, oddly enough, I wound up with more time than I usually do. I planned to do both the Yoga and Strength games all the way through. I did the Strength ones first, because I remembered hating them — I remembered right — but then I was hungry enough that I had to eat dinner. So I took a break, ate dinner, and came back and did the Yoga exercises. Are there rules about exercising so soon after eating? Oh well πŸ˜›

Wii Fit Time: 50 mins
Games: Strength, Yoga

I thought about doing some of the other games to get to a full hour, but the Yoga back exercises make for a good cool down. I’ll have to remember that, and leave them until the end next time.

Now I need to remind myself how to add items to the store πŸ™‚

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