Everything That Rises

Everything That Rises

I moved my Web site onto a WordPress platform quite some time ago. I didn’t intend to use the blog yet, I just wanted to be able to change the theme whenever I wanted. Usually I like consistency, so it was an interesting motivation, but I went with it. Of course, I was using code from Feedburner to display some of the entries from my LiveJournal, and while it did this well, I had to update the style sheets every time I changed themes, so it didn’t happen often. Sometimes what worked in the last sheet worked in the new one, and sometimes not. It involved a lot of tweaking, which took away from both the convenience of changing the templates, and in using Feedburner to display the entries in the first place.

Having my LiveJournal gave me a place to post the randomness that makes up my blog, and I didn’t really see a need to mirror it anywhere else, even if I did become increasingly fond of WordPress the more I used it. It just seemed redundant.

Well, it appears that I shall just have to accept redundancy.

Recently, I’ve been adding little pieces of customization to the template for Wilson Karate and the current issue of Niteblade. Not much, but enough that I began to see how I could replace the Feedburner code with template lines, if the blog was hosted here instead of LiveJournal. It brings it together in a way I appreciate.

Of course, I’ll still have to make the changes every time I change templates, but it should involve less tweaking now. Once the initial tweaking is over, that is. I still have a little change to make to the welcome page, but I think I’m close.

Now that I’ve made the change, I should begin my random posting again. Especially since this is something of a new toy again, and I love those.

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