Wii Fit Day Sixteen and Wii Sports

Wii Fit Day Sixteen and Wii Sports

Wii Fit Yoga

  • Half-Moon
  • Sun Salutation
  • Standing Knee
  • Palm Tree
  • Downward-Facing Dog
  • Cobra
  • Bridge
  • Shoulder Stand


  • Advanced Step (x2)
  • Rhythm Boxing (Advanced)

Balance Games

  • Lotus Focus

Wii Fit Minutes: 37

Managed to get through the Advanced Step without missing any on the second time through. Now I have to try and get more “Perfect” than “OK”. I also sat through Lotus Focus long enough that the candle burned out (which apparently happens at 180 seconds), something I’ve only pulled off once before ^_^

Then I decided to pull out the Wii Sports disc for the first time. I wanted something pretty laid back, though, so I just went with golf and bowling.

Wii Sports

  • Bowling (1 frame)
  • Golf (Beginner)

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