Random Thought

Random Thought

Yesterday, rhondaparrish had to point out that I was addicted to the interwebs when I was asked what my vice was.

Is it a bad sign that it’s such a part of my life, it didn’t even make the top three in my list?

3 Replies to “Random Thought”

  1. All human beings are physiologically addicted to water and oxygen. Try living without them. Go on. . . I’ll wait:) Did those show up on your list?

    On the serious side, interwebs are what? If they’re the social messaging sites, then, yeah, I’d say you had a problem. If you mean the internet as a whole, are you addicted or merely using the best tool for the job? Obviously, twittering to the world that you are ON THE BUS would be an addiction. Using the internet to research a story wouldn’t be.

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