Wireless Edmonton

Wireless Edmonton

I’m in the downtown library. I was going to connect to their wireless network, but from where I’m sitting it’s apparently better to connect to one called “Wireless Edmonton”.

From the City of Edmonton Web site:

Find the freedom of going wireless in the City of Edmonton’s eZones.

Public wireless Internet connection points bring the City and the world to your laptop or mobile device.

eZones are provided by the City of Edmonton as part of a public wireless Internet pilot project. We’re checking out potential eZone locations across the City in the places you want to be – City of Edmonton leisure facilities, parks and festivals – keep an eye out for more eZones in the future.

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  1. Okay, I’m sure this wireless thing is really the second coming of the messiah, but I’m a little confused. The City is putting wireless in leisure facilities (ie. pools) and at festivals? Okay, did I get hit on the head? Cause the last thing I want to try is swimming and checking Facebook (and I’m normally a decent multitasker). And I thought the point of going to festivals was to enjoy them, not spend hundreds of dollars on a ticket only to play WOW while I’m there. Am I missing the point?

    1. Yes.

      < .<



      Anyway, I think you’re interpretation of the locations is a little limited in scope ^_~ Regardless, as someone who has been required to sit and wait for younger siblings to finish swimming lessons, not everyone is at the pool to be in the water 😛

      As for the festivals, well I guess it depends. I have, at different points, spent the entire day at the free festivals. Some of those times, I would have liked to leave people a quick message while I was there. If I’d payed to enter, perhaps not so much.

      Personally, I like the idea of free, publicly accessible internet access in locations around the city, rather than having to drop into a Cyber Cafe if I need to leave a message or want to look something up on Wikipedia.

      Of course, I’m the kind of person who goes into withdrawal after a day with no internet, so, you know, different strokes and all ^_~

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