10 Replies to “Writo de Mayo: One Word a Day Story”

  1. This reminds me of a Red Dwarf story where Kryten was reading 0.83 (some bizarre decimal) of a word per day. On the days where he could guess what the word was and spoil the next day’s reading, he felt very disappointed. Since I have just had the entire plot of your story spring instantly to mind based on that one word, I feel much the same:)

      1. What, you mean you didn’t instantly see this as the beginning of an epic tale in which the forces of good and evil battle for the souls of humanity and a ragged band of people are forced to confront their prejudices in order to prevent the destruction of the universe? *shakes head* What is the world coming to?

        (yes, I am joking:) )

          1. Clearly, you overlooked the obvious subplot where the monkeys try to restore the Coconut King and its pithy and coherent metaphor for the futility of trying to change a given system from within.

            *snickers* Now how do I convince ShoSen to write this story instead?:)

              1. …or tea.

                Tea is good too.

                I wonder if monkeys like tea…

                When I was a kid my mom used to call me a monkey all the time and I like tea, so that must mean monkeys like tea.

                Oh wait…and you like tea. So if you like tea and monkeys like tea…

                I’m going to bed now.

                You know where I live 🙂

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