This time, I will succeed!

This time, I will succeed!

So, despite my spectacular failure last year, I am once again taking on National Novel Editing Month.

NaNoEdMo 2008 Participant

At least I won’t be battling a World of Warcraft addiction this year.

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  1. Do you edit someone else’s novel or do you edit your own? I understand the whole “write a novel in a month” thing, but editing a novel in a month? Do you want me to send over the rubber stamps I use for marking student assignments? I have “your ideas are lost in your poor written sentences” “I have no clue what you just said” and, my personal fav, “Delete the ************ comma!” 🙂

    1. You edit your own novel, and trust me, BD won’t need those stamps.

      Maybe one that says ‘Stop putting in the word ‘just’ simply to piss people off’ would be in order though 🙂

      1. Don’t forget the one for doing the same with ‘that’ and sentences which begin with ‘and’ *lol*

        The idea behind the editing in a month is to keep first rafts from languishing. For people like myself, with a very short attention span and a severe dislike of revision, it’s a good motivator ^_^

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