*poof* It’s gone.

*poof* It’s gone.

It’s odd, the things that can remind you time has passed. For example, I went to Tim Hortons for lunch today and ordered my standard meal. When my coffee arrived, it was in a Roll Up the Rim cup.

My very first thought was, “Is it time for that again already?”

The reaction seems more than a little silly, compared to the other things I have to mark the passage of time, but there it was. It’s been a year since I was last given one of those cups. When I stop to think about it, I can see that yes, a lot has happened in that time. Still, when the coffee was put on the counter, it seemed as though it had all passed in not time at all.

I think for the most part, this is a good revelation. Time flies when you’re having fun, to break a writing “rule” and use a cliché. While the year has not gone exactly as I expected, I believe I have actually been enjoying it. All the same, a year has passed and we’re almost into March. Where did all that time go?

(For anyone who’s curious, I won nothing on that cup, though I did get a free coffee from one bought later today.)

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