4 Replies to “Friday Photo”

  1. Sweet, a tortoiseshell cat XD. That pattern is cool, especially with her weird hints of spots. Musky is cute. (And how do you know she doesn’t just want to read the internet? 🙂 )

      1. Aw :). Although I imagine that could get kind of annoying. I would immediately be annoyed if it was a person trying to shove my hand off the mouse. (In his younger years my second brother would always press random keys when I was trying to chat with someone and wouldn’t leave. I imagine it would be something like that feeling.)

        Hey, you took biology, pop quiz 😀 Do you know what causes a cat to be a tortoiseshell? (Hint: I knew she was a girl. A *few* males do exist though and damn I really want to see one.)

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