Day Twelve End Count

Day Twelve End Count

No change.

Zokutou word meter
50,409 / 50,000

I have accepted a challenge in the Edmonton NaNo forums to have this cleaned up by the end of November. The idea is to have it something I would willingly share with someone who would be doing a substantive edit.

I have not yet figured out how to provide updates on that process.

Regardless, I will more than likely be taking a week away from it, based on an upcoming class. Unfortunately, I will continue to spam you with this bar counter everyday. I am still ridiculously impressed with it.

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  1. You should be ridiculously impressed by it. That’s an appropriate response. Being ludicrously impressed with it would be taking the matter entirely too far:)

  2. And you should be!!

    Here’s a good blog I found on the subject of editing manuscripts… it’s really exhaustive and I know I definately took good stuff away from it personally (though the idea of doing it to my entire novel is certainly daunting) and more important it has step names! Maybe that would work for you?

    Furiosity’s Post

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