Here I Am, And There, And There

Here I Am, And There, And There

I’ve always been one to keep my real life and my online life somewhat separate. This blog and my Web page were the first online accounts I ever had that displayed my real name. After that, it was NaNoWriMo, after that, FaceBook. Really, after FaceBook, there’s no going back.

FaceBook is the one place I can think of where my online connections really came together. I have on that list, with real names and everything, fandom friends, WoW friends, real life friends, and new FaceBook friends. After pulling it all together like that, I look at the other things and wonder why keeping them apart ever mattered in the first place. I’ve also started considering taking down some of those walls.

For example, some of my WoW friends know my fandom ID, and some of them now know my real life name, so why not invite them to friend this journal?

Well, other than the fact that I spam my flist, and still frequently back date posts. Posts like this one. (Yeah, I know, I know.)

I’ve been pondering this for months now, if you can believe it. This should be a no brainer, but there’s a part of me (probably the control-freak part) that is very resistant to it. I wish I could figure out why.

You know, aside from the ten years or so of “OMG no real name usage!”

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