Welcome to the World

Welcome to the World

There are times when it hits me, just how little this large world can be. The Internet has certainly changed things, and I know this. After all, I have friends I’ve never “met,” people whose happiness and well-being matter to me, no matter how far away they are, no matter that I’ve never seen them in person.

Still, I’m sometimes reminded of what a wonderful thing that really is, at somewhat unexpected times. I had one of those moments this month, as I watched an announcement in one of my World of Warcraft role-playing communities.

A friend of mine and his wife were expecting their first child. It was a fairly long delivery (from my perspective, which is admittedly uninformed). When they went to the hospital, someone posted the news, letting us know that the baby was about to put in an appearance. The replies started pouring in, well-wishers from so many people in the community.

That community has people from Canada, the United States, even a few from Australia and New Zealand. Many of us have never been in the same room with the expectant parents. For that day, however, we were all checking back, waiting for news.

When their charming baby girl was born, and they could get to a computer to post, we all got to celebrate along with them. That was what struck me: all these otherwise strangers sharing in a family’s joy.

Welcome to the world, kid. Your arrival just made people around the globe very happy. How cool is that?

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