A still “life” shot, playing with low lighting. I still need to learn how to focus, and not move my hand when the shutter needs a little more time.

The title (Yo, Baron) comes from the old game Nightmare, which used Baron Samedi as a host in the second set. When the Baron called on you, you replied, “Yo, Baron, I can dig it!”

4 Replies to “Friday Photo”

  1. Oh. My. God. You played Nightmare too?

    I totally loved Nightmare 1 and Nightmare 2 — never managed to get any of the other ones though. The only thing I didn’t like is that I always, somehow, managed to be the old one :-p

    1. I love the Nightmare games. I think I got to play all the way to number four, but it’s the first two that I really remember. I think the Baron was my favourite host, though.

      Didn’t you just love the way they stressed the words old one? ^_~

      1. And the jerk called me decrepit too! LOL

        Can I ask you a favor? I wrote a short story (about 600 words) and I’m having a hell of a time figuring out how to work the italics in it. That sounds lame, but it’s true. There are several indirect (ie: untagged) thoughts from the MC, and several direct ones…I can’t sort out what to italicize and what not to. Could you take a peek for me? I’m not asking for a full-on critique, just italics advice LOL

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