Temperature Tantrum

Temperature Tantrum

I like spring: the moderate temperatures, the wet ground, the new beginnings. Mostly the moderate temperatures, though. Fall has too much bite to it for me, but spring tends to lean towards a warm caress.

Sometimes, I look around and wonder why I live where I do. It seems like the wrong time zone, given my night-owl nature, but it’s also the wrong temperature zone.

I do not do well with extremes, and yet, that is what I have. While not as hot as some areas, our summers are very hot. While not as cold as some areas, our winters are very cold. It’s only in the spring that I can say I find the temperature tolerable, much less enjoyable.

When I stack time zone and temperature against friends and family, however, moving never seems worth it. They are entirely different sorts of comfort, but the latter is certainly more important. I could not move so far away, I think, without taking everyone with me. As that does not appear likely, I’ll just have to deal with the rest.

And make sure I have enough blankets and fans.

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