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Top 100

The other day, a friend of mine forwarded a list of the Top 100 Books to me. While I’m pleased to say that I recognised a number of the titles, I was sad to see that I’d only ever read three of them. All of those, by the way, were originally read for school, though one did make it onto the list of my favourite books. Since getting the list, however, I’ve been struck by the concept of actually reading them all. There’s just one problem.

With the exception of school, I have never, never been able to finish a book I didn’t enjoy. I’m a big fan of the Reader’s Bill of Rights (quoted here). Now, obviously these books are on this list for a reason, but that doesn’t mean I’ll like them, and I don’t have to. To achieve the goal, however, I will have to finish them anyway.

I’m trying to decide if doing so is character-building or self-flagellation. Really, though, I think I’m spending too much time worrying about this up front. After all, there’s more than a few books on that list that I’ve wanted to read for a while, and there’s no point in creating a self-fulfilling prophecy for failure.

It’s something to work toward, anyway. When I finish, I’m sure I’ll have more books on my list of favourites, and if all else fails, some book-nerd bragging rights.

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