Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

I have been accused of being a Scrooge. It’s not altogether true, but I suppose in some ways, it is accurate. I despise seeing Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween is over, or on November 1st as soon as the doors open. A few years of working in a mall have left me with an aversion to both carols and charity bell-ringers. And really, as cliché as this may seem, what I really don’t like is the “Gimme” attitude that fills the advertisements leading up to, and carrying on right after, Christmas.

Now, I’m as a big fan of presents as the next person, and I’ve always been fond of Santa Claus, but the older I get, the more “Get what you really want for Christmas grates on me. I’ve been staunchly against obligatory presents for years now, but I honestly hope that I’ve never seemed ungrateful when I received one, and I’ve always tried to make use of whatever I got at least once. It’s a present, and someone took the time to not only buy it for you, but to wrap it, and at least it shows that they thought of you.

Because it’s really the people that seem important to me at this time of year. Having my entire immediate family in the house at the same time, seeing many of the members of the extended one, getting together with friends that I might only be able to see once a year. This is the part of Christmas that I like, and having my TV and radio shove that other stuff down my throat drives me nuts.

So I guess I’m a Scrooge in that way, because I’ll growl and Bah Humbug! my way through the days leading up to the holiday. When it gets here, though, and I’m freed from work to spend time with family and friends then I get to be Scrooge on Christmas Day; with a heartfelt appreciation for the Season and the people that I spend it with.

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