Chasing Windmills

Chasing Windmills

I am considering participating in NaNoWriMo 2005. I am also considering the possibility that I might be insane, or masochistic, or both. I have spent a very busy couple of months getting run-down (almost burnt-out) and now I want to jump into a self-imposed project of this sort? What am I thinking?

But the answer to that is easy: I think it will be fun. I remember wishing I’d participated last year, and not wanting to miss it again. Since my reasons for not trying it last year are about the same as this year, I have to assume that I’ll regret it again if I bow out. So I’m considering it.

Besides, the amount of writing I do for fun has dropped off lately, and I think I need to change that. This might help to motivate me. After all, a deadline and a healthy dose of panic can be incredibly inspiring.

I should just admit to myself that I am going ahead with this and just sign up. That way, I can spend the next few weeks preparing instead of debating with my self. And besides, if this does mean I’m a little crazy, at least I’ll be having fun with it.

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