The Collector

The Collector

I am a collector. When I have an interest in something, I gather, I horde. On very rare occasions, I may have a single representative of a collectable item, but most of the time, I hunt for more.

I have gone on quests to complete collections. My first venture onto eBay was to hunt down the final book needed for a set of 22. I was successful. Collections like that, with inherent limits, are a blessing.

I used to collect a series of fantasy novels, but that one defeated me. They branched off into sub-series, different authors handling different areas. Many books came out in rapid succession and I just couldn’t keep up. I finally gave in when I realised that I no longer cared. Still, I am disappointed that the collection is incomplete.

I started collecting snow globes years ago. It makes getting me gifts and souvenirs quite easy. I am genuinely thrilled to receive a gift shop globe with the name of a city I’ve never seen. It’s what I ask for. I have globes from those tourist sites, from Christmas and Easter, and with just random figures inside. I love them, but really, all they do it take up space.

It’s a question of value, I suppose. The snow globes, for me, have value without having purpose. That incomplete book collection? Okay, yes, that is probably one I will, and should, break down. I’ll keep the ones I truly enjoyed, and from the others, I’ll detach with love. Of course, that’s not as easy as it sounds.

At the moment, however, it’s important. I’m looking at moving again. Everything I have must be packed up, transported, and unpacked. I want to take only what has value. To do that, I have to get over the desire to keep collections together.

Detach with love. It’s a good theory, one I’m working on, but it’s difficult. I want to keep them. For sentimental reasons, for just in case, for simplicity. In the end, though, collections are just things. It will take work, but I will learn to let them go.

And start new collections after I move.

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