Keep in Touch

Keep in Touch

I am constantly amazed by my own inability to communicate with my friends. I’m a writer? Shouldn’t I at least be able to handle email contact? Theoretically, but as usual, that theory falls down in practice. I am one of those people who can go for a whole month or more without seeing my friends, and in some cases, without having any form of contact with them.

The blogs help. I can leave general messages, leave and receive comments, and they all know that’s where they can usually get my attention. When the world gets busy and my email gets left behind, however, sometimes even the blog messages get ignored. When you combine that with the facts that I live across the city from most of them (and in an entirely different country from others), and my complete aversion to the telephone, and well, lack of contact happens.

I’ve been lucky, I think, that one of my friends has always taken on the role of the group organizer. She was the one to plan the parties, try and force all of us contact-challenged folks to RSVP, and just generally provide the venue for us to all see each other. Of course, now she’s working full time, married, building a house, and all that, so the rest of it is just work and stress she doesn’t really need. I can’t blame her for leaving us all to our own devices. Really, it’s long overdue.

But in this little test, I sank. I don’t know what I’m doing. I have a friend in England I haven’t emailed in a year. I have a friend from the writing program who lives only a few block away that I haven’t seen in months. I have another that I keep planning to meet for coffee, and it keeps not happening. Why is this so difficult? I’m not entirely sure. One more thing to add to my ever-growing list of things to work on, I suppose. Getting better at keeping in touch with my friends.

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